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Without the players there is no RummyBo. Hence, taking care of our players is our top priority! To that effect, we encourage all our players to play responsibly.

We guarantee fair play in all our games and have different systems in place to ensure responsible gaming. Our cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning (ML) help us understand and connect with our players better while protecting them from any adverse consequences that playing real money rummy games might result in.

RummyBo takes great pride in the fact that we have implemented a lot of precautionary measures for our players to take the lead and play responsibly. Here’s how-

How RummyBo Ensures Responsibly Gaming

  1. Only players who are 18+ years of age are allowed to register/play at RummyBo.
  2. Our anti-fraud systems are always monitoring fraudulent behaviours, 24x7.
  3. Our anti-collusion systems track every online rummy game to ensure fair play.
  4. Our ‘Self-Exclusion’ option lets players temporarily disable their online gaming activity.
  5. We use a high-level encryption security software to keep our players’ information safe.
  6. We have a feature to limit players’ online cash deposits and set a deposit limit
  7. We have an anonymous and confidential self- assessment questionnaire to help players identify any gaming disorders.

How to Ensure You are Playing Responsibly:

  2. Don’t try to recover your losses if you are losing; better players have tried and failed.
  3. Do other things that make you happy; you can always play tomorrow.
  4. Play Rummy only when you are in a positive state of mind.
  5. Don’t play rummy when you are under pressure or under the influence of drugs/ alcohol.
  6. Don’t give too much importance to rummy over life (family, friends, work etc).
  7. Remember that playing rummy is a recreational activity meant for fun and entertainment.
  8. Set a playing time limit and stop when you’re done.
  9. Set a stop/loss limit and stick to it.
  10. Analyse your finances and put aside a set budget to play Rummy.

How to Recognize if You are Playing Responsibly or Not:

  1. Thinking about playing Rummy all day, everyday
  2. Trying to win back your losses by playing and wagering more
  3. Getting money by lying, cheating or stealing just to play Rummy
  4. Spending a lot of time/money playing Rummy than you have to
  5. Missing out on life (family, friends, work etc.) to play Rummy
  6. Quarrelling with family/friends about playing Rummy
  7. Incurring debts/struggling financially to play Rummy

If you think you are displaying any of the above signs, we request you to consider taking the self-assessment test. (see below)

Take a Self-Assessment Test to Check If You’re Playing Responsibly

Take a quick self-assessment test to check if you have been playing responsibly or need any external support to help you. The test has been designed by trained psychiatrists and is completely anonymous and confidential. Click here.

Seek Professional Help from Game Prudence

Game Prudence is a collaborative responsible gaming initiative that provides players with a private, confidential, and non-judgemental platform, free of cost, wherein players can identify how healthy or unhealthy their gaming habits are as well as receive professional guidance from experts.

If you feel that you have not been playing responsibly, or if you know someone who is facing similar issues, we request you to seek help.

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