Maharashtra: Corporator pens note to CM requesting ban on online rummy

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Meeratai Charhate, a corporator in Risod, Maharashtra, is now demanding that the state government ban online rummy games as they lure youth to their destruction.

Charhate talks about Junglee Rummy which is being promoted by several actors with a slogan saying ‘Jungle Rummy Pe Ao Na Maharaj’. She also says that the youngster today see these actors as their heroes and take inspiration from them.

However, these actors take advantage of their fans and lure them into gambling addiction. Due to these advertisements, these young people are falling into a gambling addiction and debt trap; Charhate asked the government to look into the matter.

Youth across urban and rural areas now have access to smartphones and the internet, so they all are playing Junglee Rummy and get addicted even after losing money.

This is not the first time Junglee Rummy or actors promoting them have been criticised. Back in June, a young man wrote a letter to actor Ajay Devgn regarding his advertisement for Junglee Rummy. In his letter, he asked how much money the actor have won playing rummy on the platform.

The letter then urges that the actor should focus on inspiring their fans and not advertising online rummy that causes them financial harm.

In another case in Nashik, a man was spotted protesting against celebrities and cricketers promoting online rummy bo with a picture of Ajay Devgn promoting online rummy.

The man named his protest ‘Bheek Maango Andolan for Ajay Devgn’, saying that if the actor needs money, he will beg and send it to him in order to stop him from promoting online rummy to young individuals.

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