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Mobile games, and video games for that matter, have come a long way. The graphics are more realistic, the storylines are more inclusive & detailed. But no matter the strides these modern games make, card games have a special place in people’s hearts that just can’t be taken away. Strategizing the winning play based on finite cards, while also counteracting the opponents’ moves gets the heart pumping in a way that just can’t be beaten.

So, if you, too, are a card games buff, 2024 has great news for you! From timeless classics like Rummy to modern era card games like Arkham Horror, here are the top 5 best card games making a big splash in 2024!

Rummy Bo!
For anyone even remotely aware of card games in India, rummy would be a familiar word. This game has been a fan-favourite for centuries & has entertained the young audience as well as the veterans alike. Since this game can be played for real money as well as just for fun, it is perfect for family nights as well as friends’ night, or even as a short game during office breaks!

The rules of rummy card game are fairly simple. Each player gets a specific number of cards (usually 13 or 21) and the idea is to form sets & sequences before your opponents. A turn consists of picking up a card & then discarding one, so that the number of cards in hand always remain the same. The first person to declare the game by making all the valid sets & sequences wins.

‘Rummy’ is an umbrella term that covers many different games with slightly different rules. If you like card games, then there will be some variety of rummy that you’re gonna love!

The Crew: Trick Taking Triumph
Do you like working together and figuring things out? Then The Crew is the game for you! It’s a card game where you and your friends team up to beat challenges, like winning tricks with a certain type of card or making sure someone wins the last round.

Here’s the catch: you can’t just tell each other what cards you have! You can only talk a little bit, using special words. This makes The Crew super fun because you gotta be sneaky and pay attention to what everyone plays.

The Crew is like a familiar game with a new twist. It’s great for all kinds of players, beginners or experts. The challenges get harder as you go, so it keeps things interesting!

7 Wonders Duel: A Civilization Clash for Two
Love history and thinking ahead? Check out 7 Wonders Duel! This quick card game is just for two players. You get to build your own civilization, like picking the coolest stuff from history. There are science discoveries, strong armies, and amazing buildings. Play through three rounds, figuring out how to beat your opponent each time.

The game offers a perfect blend of strategy and drafting mechanics. Each card you choose not only benefits your civilization but also denies it to your opponent, adding an exciting layer of competition. Military dominance, scientific breakthroughs, or a magnificent cultural legacy – the path to victory is yours to forge.

7 Wonders Duel offers a strategic depth that belies its simple rules and quick playtime. With a focus on direct competition and replayability, it’s one of the best card games for a head-to-head challenge.

Disney Lorcana: Enchantment for All Ages
Hey everyone who loves Disney! Buckle up, Disney fans! There’s a super cool card game hitting stores this year called Disney Lorcana. In the game, you collect cards with different Disney characters, each with their special powers. You then use these cards to build a deck to battle against your friends. It sounds perfect for people who already love card games, but also easy enough for anyone new to try.

So, if you love Disney or just cool games with great art, be sure to check out Disney Lorcana!

Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Cooperative Chills and Thrills
Like scary card games? Then Arkham Horror is for you! It might be a little difficult to imagine a card game being scary, but Arkham Horror achieves it with spooky monsters & engaging mysteries, making it one of the best card games in the horror category.

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The goal of the game is to choose a detective with specific powers & weaknesses, & to explore scary places to solve puzzles. At the same time, you need to build a special deck to help you in your quest.

The campaign mode gives you something new every time. This game is challenging, spooky, & tonnes of fun! If you & your friends enjoy a game that is full of thrill & scares, you’ve chosen the right game!

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