What is Snowboarding? History, Facts, & Best snowboarding destinations in India.

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Planning for a snowboarding adventure but wondering about where to go? Worry not! You can go skiing and snowboarding in India and enjoy your next adventurous vacation at some of the best snow mountains in the world. In this article on snowboarding, we will be sharing with you a list of the best place for snowboarding in India along with other related details like snowboard price, snowboard styles and types and so on. ‍


Snowboarding is one of the most exciting winter sports that you can experience in India. This sport has its origins in the United States of America but is now played worldwide. There are different snowboard types and styles and you can also indulge in snow skiing when at the snow destinations in India. In the upcoming sections of this article, we will be discussing in detail this winter sport, its history and the types and styles of this sport to help you know more about the same before you plan your next vacation snowboarding in the snow mountains in India. 

What Is Snowboarding?

Before we discuss snowboarding in India, destinations in the country for this sport and the other aspects related to the same, let us discuss what snowboarding is. Snowboarding is a winter sport where the person is supposed to be riding down a snow-covered mountain or any other snow-covered surface standing on a board. The board mentioned here should be a snowboard and you must stand such that your feet are positioned perpendicular to the snowboard and its direction. This is also one of the features that differentiates skiing and snowboarding. Poles, like in skiing, are also not used for snowboarding. You can easily go both snowboarding and snow skiing in India. 

What Is The History Of Snowboarding?

Getting into more detail about skiing and snowboarding, let us discuss the history of this winter sport originated, where and when it all started and what other similar winter sports are played worldwide. Snowboarding has its roots in skiing, surfing and skateboarding. This winter sport was developed in the 1960s and the 1970s. It gained popularity among the common people in the 80s and was made a part of the Olympics in 1998. Snowboarding is said to have originated in the United States of America. 

What Are The Snowboarding Types And Styles?

Now that we know about snowboarding, we can take a look at the various snow destinations in India where you can indulge in this sport. But before that, let us take a look at the snowboard types and styles to help you understand this sport in more detail and be all set before you hit up the snow mountains in India. The place where the snowboarding sport is taking place and the equipment that is used for the same help us in determining the different styles and different types of snowboarding. Here will be briefly discussing all the types and styles of snowboarding for your convenience.

The Snowboarding Types

The following are the 4 types of snowboarding:


‍One of the types of snowboarding is freeriding. This is also known as all-mountain snowboarding. In this type of snowboarding, you have the freedom to ride, carve and jump on different terrains. 


The different types of snowboarding include freestyle, which is the most popular snowboarding type. This type of snowboarding focuses on the tricks like jumps, switch riding, rail slides, etc. 


The snowboarding types and styles include freecarve, which is also known as Alpine Snowboarding. This type of riding is all about your speed and carving turns in snowboarding. 


The last one of the types of snowboarding is splitboarding which lets you go skiing and snowboarding at the same time with the same equipment. The splitboard has a design like a snowboard but it can split and be used as skis. ‍These are the different types of snowboarding. We will now discuss the snowboarding styles. 

The Snowboarding Styles

The following are the different snowboard riding styles:‍


Jibing is one of the technical snowboard styles that involves performing tricks. This style of riding is a snowboard is also performed in the urban setting. 


This is one of the snowboard riding styles that involves performing tricks while going down a hill or a slope. The downhill course is filled with multiple obstacles. 

Big Air:

In this style of snowboarding, the rider does tricks after launching off a man-made jump. The rider performs tricks mid-air while achieving height and aiming for a smooth landing. 


Half-pipe is another one of the snowboard styles, where the rider performs in a semi-circular ditch dug in the mountains. The rider has to go from one side to the other while performing tricks. 


This snowboard riding style is also known as Border X or Snowboard X. multiple riders have to race down a similar course which is full of multiple obstacles. 

Big Mountain:

This snowboarding style takes place in powder snow conditions. The riders perform in an open terrain where the challenge is to find their way down the mountains. This is supposed to be done with the most style and difficulty. 

Snowboard Racing:

Riders compete on a downhill course that is constructed with a series of indicators for turnings in form of gates. The riders should pass around the shorter side of the gates. ‍In the next section of this article, we will discuss more in detail the best place for skiing in India along with the snowboarding destination for the adventurist in you. 

What Are The Best Snowboarding Destination In India?

India is home to the mighty Himalayas which are covered in snow for a large part of the year. This means that there is no dearth of locations where you can go snowboarding in India. Other than snowboarding, many other winter sports take place in the snow mountains of India. Many snow mountains receive snowfall for a major part of the years and the average snowfall rates are also high. A lot of these places are also popular tourist destinations and near hills stations commonly known among travellers. Here we have listed the 5 best snow destinations in India where you can indulge in winter sports like skiing, snowboarding and so on. Read ahead to find out more about snowboarding and snow skiing in India to choose the best place for skiing in India for you. ‍

Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir

Gulmarg is not just one of the popular tourist destinations in India but also the best place for skiing in India which is one of the best snowboarding destinations in Asia.  this town is located in the Pir Panjal range and has an average annual snowfall of 45 ft. The gondola ride in Gulmarg drops you at the shoulder of Apharwat Peak and you can indulge in snowboarding and snow skiing from here. The snow season in Gulmarg is long and lasts from December to March. There are three different types of slopes for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Gulmarg has over three acres of terrain suitable for skiing and snowboarding. Worldclass facilities are offered here and there are all kinds of rescue systems so that every aspect is very well taken care of.  Gulmarg is not only a favourite among the locals and Indian from the other parts of the country but is also visited by snowboarding and skiing enthusiasts from Europe and North America.

Auli, Uttarakhand

Auli is one of the snow mountains in India which is in the state of Uttarakhand. Auli is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand and has emerged as a snowboarding hub in the state. This place is located at an altitude of 9,000 ft. The National Snowboarding Championships were held in Auli in 2017. Other than snowboarding, you can enjoy the scenic views of the Nanda Devi, Mana Parvat and Kamet Kamet.  In Auli, the snowboarding season lasts for a month.

Solang Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Solang valley is located very close to Manali which is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations and hill stations. Solang Valley is not only the best place for skiing in India but also popular for a large number of winter sports. There are different snowboarding slopes for beginners and experienced riders. To go on the slopes for beginners, you can take the elevator from the base station. To access the slopes for more experienced riders, you will have to take a 1.3 km ropeway that will drop you off at an elevation of over 10,000 ft. Solang valley is bustling with tourists during the snow season but snowboarding enthusiasts can surf the slopes of Patalsu Peak. The altitude here is around 13,800 ft. above sea level.

Sethan, Himachal Pradesh

Sethan is another one of the destinations in Himachal Pradesh where you can indulge in snowboarding and snow skiing in India. Situated in the Hamta Valley surrounded by the mighty Dhauladhar ranges and on the banks of river Beas, Sethan is a small village. This place is only 15 kilometres away from Manali and situated at an altitude of 9,200 ft. Sethan is not only a favourite among off-beat travellers but also budding snowboarding enthusiasts. During the winter months from December to March, Sethan receives heavy snowfall and you can only reach this destination on foot which reduces traffic. Basic snowboarding courses are offered by adventure tourism companies near Sethan.

Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir

Another one of the snow destinations in India in Jammu and Kashmir, Pahalgam has the Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering and Winter Sports. Based in the Anantnag district, Pahalgam is one of India’s fastest-emerging snowboarding destinations. Pahalgam has the right kind of slopes for this winter sport and the tourism board of the state is putting in major work and efforts to make this region one of the premier skiing and snowboarding destinations in India. Pahalgam is situated at an altitude of 8,990 ft on the banks of the Lidder river. An annual winter festival is held in the months of January and February each year in Pahalgam which is a popular tourist destination. 

‍These are the places with snow mountains in India where you can go snow skiing and snowboard for your next adventure. You must find all the relevant details regarding your snowboarding destination before you plan an adventure trip to experience the thrill of this winter sport. If you are a beginner, you must also look for information related to training and courses for the same. 


As we conclude this article on snowboarding in India, we hope that you have not just found the places in the country where you can indulge in this winter sport but also learnt more about this sport along with things like the types and styles of snowboarding, snowboard price, skiing and snowboarding and their difference and much more. 


For your convenience, we have answered a few frequently asked questions related to snowboarding and snow skiing in India.

1. How do you start snowboarding for beginners?

As a beginner in this sport, you will need some type of guidance and training from experienced professionals. If you are on a vacation and wish to do this sport, you cans eek training at most of the snowboarding spots in the country. 

2. What fact about snowboarding did you find the most interesting?

Many people believe that to involve in sports like snowboarding, they will have to go abroad and spend a huge amount of money. This is a myth and the fact is that you can go snowboarding in India and if you check the snowboard price then you can easily find a good quality snowboard on Decathlon for a reasonable price too. 

3. Which is safer, snowboarding or skiing?  holy rummy

When comparing skiing and snowboarding, we find that snowboarding is much more safe compared to skiing. While both of these are adventure sports and there is always some sort of risk involved with the same, it is safer to go snowboarding than go skiing. 

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