rummybo - How to Correctly Adjust My Snowboard Bindings?


1. Positioning the Board in Your Right Direction of Practice

There are two ways of riding a snowboard  within winter slope sports, the "regular" rider who places the left foot in front and the "goofy" rider who places the right foot in front.

If you have doubts about the orientation of your board, use the print as a point of reference. The front of the board will be at the top when the board is vertical and the print will be the right way up.

When gliding on parquet or tiles, if you naturally place your left foot in front, there is a strong probability that you are a regular rider !

When climbing onto a chair, (without any support) you place your right foot in front, you are probably a goofy rider.

The same principle applies with the stairs, if you use your right foot as the support foot, you are a goofy rider.

The 3rd technique allows you to spend some fun time with the family and have a little ride on the scooter! Your leading foot when snowboarding will essentially be the same as the leading foot on the scooter.

By way of a summary, you are

(right foot in front) if you: glide with the right foot in front, use this foot as the supporting foot when climbing onto a chair or climbing stairs or if this is the leading foot on a scooter. However, these are tips before using your snowboard, if once, you are on the snow and you do not feel at ease, do not hesitate to change.

2. Positioning Your Binding s on the Board

Now that you are aware of the board direction, you can place your bindings on the board.

As with all brands, Wed’ze has a recommended stance indication.

The first time you use the board, we recommend you comply with the "recommended stance". Subsequently, do not hesitate to change your position based upon how you feel.

If you feel you need to widen your position, you can slightly move the foot back. And, on the contrary, if you wish to move your feet closer you can set back the front foot slightly.

We should now focus on making adjustments !  a23 rummy

3. Adjusting the Binding Angle

If you are a beginner or snowboard primarily on the slopes, we recommend a binding adjustment of +18° for the front foot and -6° for the back foot. The position of the front foot is therefore evidently facing the direction of descent.

This position should be used with a so-called "directional" board, hence, a direction based upon usage.

If you participate in Freestyle snowboarding, the position of the back foot will extend and exceed -15°, the front foot will close up slightly at +15° to provide a "duck" position, hence, the same angle on each side. This position allows you to progress more easily in both directions. A further advantage of this position is that it relieves the pressure on the knees when descending and primarily, with jumps.

If you are a beginner Freestyler, it is preferable to use a so-called "Twin-tip" board, a board which moves in both directions in the same way.  

Finally, before fully tightening the bindings, check that your boots are correctly centred over the board. This is important as it stops your foot from rubbing against the snow and the risk of falling when taking tight turns.

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