India Big Game Brings World's Most Popular Cricket Game to Your Pocket

India Big Game

If you belong to India, chances are that you associate the word “Cricket” with a lot more than just some popular “Bat-and-Ball” game that is played across a team of eleven members each. Cricket is deeply embedded in the heart of the Indian Lifestyle and Culture.

In fact, Cricket is almost analogous to religion for many Indians. Millions of hearts get shattered whenever India lose matches to other countries and millions of hearts rejoice in happiness when it wins matches against other countries. People stay glued to their TV for hours whenever a cricket match is on, shouting tactics and strategies at the screen.

The passion is so real that many Indians have now taken up “Fantasy Cricket” (part of a fantasy sports genre) as their new niche, where a team of 11 is created and points are scored based on your performance in these LIVE matches.

As per Indian Federation of Sports Gaming, two out of three people in India know what Fantasy sports is all about. In fact, almost 96% of the people who have ever played Fantasy sports, have played it at least once in a year with at least 89% having played it once in a month. Moreover, fantasy sports is not just limited to Metro cities and has expanded globally. Fantasy sports is a $7.22 billion industry in the US with about $59.3 million (approximately Rs 5.93 crore) Fantasy Sports users in the US and Canada. Since the Fantasy Sports bug (Fantasy Cricket more precisely) has also bitten the Indians, that figure in India is also likely to boost. And events such as IPL (Indian Premier League) and World Cup have only contributed to the hype surrounding Fantasy cricket given the fact that they are a major rife in India.

To put into a larger perspective just how crazy Indians are about IPL, a collab study done by Indraprastha Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University states that close to 6.7 million tweets were recorded from one million users over a span of two months during IPL 2013. A number that must have grown exponentially now given that social media use today is higher than ever. To fuel this obsession in the right fashion, a smorgasbord of Fantasy Cricket mobile and web apps have come up in the Indian Gaming Market that allows the Indian users to play in both, the International and Domestic Cricket games including IPL. The major crux of these apps is to create a team, earn the highest points, and become the winner. These apps partner with official sports leagues to have them as their fantasy sports partner.

For instance, there’s an fantasy cricket app named India Big Game, that lets you get started with fantasy cricket and provides an option for players to choose from a variety of Cricket leagues. Right after you complete the download and registration process, you can select from a list of matches (T20, ODI, T20), create your own team and start playing. In case you’re a newbie in the Fantasy Games domain then you can go for the “practice tests” in the app where you don’t have to pay an entry fee and can play cricket for free. However, in case you want to win cash rewards while playing, you’ll have to pay a fixed entry free and can then select from different contests tagged as ‘small’, ‘big’, and ‘private’. The cash rewarding process is completely secure and the winning amount gets directly transferred to your account. There’s also live player statistics on the app platform as well as the fastest score updates for its players.

One major thing to keep in mind while playing fantasy cricket is that it’s the right strategy and skills that help you win the games. You should always analyze the player performance (instead of selecting players based on their reputation), research on the pitch performance, look out for an effective captain and the young, talented players, focus on the overall health of the team, and plan well ahead to truly win the game.

Additionally, there are always games running on the app without any fixed schedule helping you play games whenever you want. This is what makes Fantasy Cricket super convenient because whether you’re a working professional or a college student, you can play the game as per your convenience. The downloading and registration process for the app is super simple, with an option to register directly from your Facebook or Gmail account. Once the registration is done, it’s time to put your game face on.

Fantasy Sports has seen a significant transformation in the Indian market over the last several decades. From being a domain that remained largely unheard of by the common public to becoming this giant popular domain that people can’t get enough of, fantasy sports is certainly here to stay and reign for many more years to come. The trend of online gaming, in general, has observed tremendous growth in India, with the likes of real-money games such as rummy getting played extensively across India. The rise in the apps and platforms for the rummy game market only adds to that growth including India Big Game that allows players to win cash rewards during gameplay.

There’s also been a stupendous increase in the number of sports leagues that have come up in India ranging across sports like Hockey, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Football, et al. There are a large number of Cricket lovers in India who have all the right knowledge and strategies that they would love to see their favorite cricketers leverage during the LIVE matches. However, not everyone gets the opportunity to play live on the field with the esteemed cricketers. So, the fact that fantasy sports offer an interactive medium where cricket lovers can take their knowledge and obsession a step ahead, and earn money at the same time, makes it all a perfect paradise.

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