How to make money with India Big Game app in 2024 (earnings will exceed Rs. 70,000)

India Big Game

How to Make Money from Mauj App 2024: The popularity of short video apps in India is growing rapidly. In recent years, quite a few short video apps have come to India, among which TikTok, Vigo, Helo, Likee, etc. are more prominent. Even people started making a lot of money in a short time with the help of these apps.
But because they are Chinese brands, the Indian government banned these short video apps, causing people to have to face a lot of income-related problems.
To solve this problem, through this article we will introduce you to India Big Game App, in which we can not only make short videos, but also make money through India Big Game App.
In addition to telling you how to make money through Mouj app, we will also share with you the process of creating a Mouj account, uploading videos, and tips to increase Mouj followers.
To know everything about Mauj App, please read this article carefully from beginning to end. Only in this way can you better understand how to make money through Mouj app.
What is India Big Game App (India Big Game App in Hindi)
India Big Game is a short video making app in which we can make videos of 15 seconds to 1 minute and upload them. This app is completely Indian and this app can be run in 15 languages of India. India Big Game app gained popularity after TikTok was banned in 2020. So this app can also be called as an alternative to TikTok.

The popularity of Mauj app can be estimated by the fact that this most profitable app on iOS and Google Play Store has been installed more than 110 million times and has good ratings. Here you will see short videos of big celebrities and people around you.
In India Big Game we can also make Duet videos with our favorite artists and if that artist likes the Duet we made then he can also share our video. Maybe you don’t know that we can also make money with India Big Game app, we will discuss it in detail below.

India Big Game App Details
India Big Game App Rating 4.2+ Stars
Number of Users 13.46 Crore+
Manufacturing Company Name Mohalla Tech Pvt. Ltd.
Video Length Short videos of up to 60 seconds in duration
Ways to Earn Money More than 10 Ways
Maximum Earnings Rs. 400 to Rs. 3500 per day
Mauj App Official Download Google Play Store
To run India Big Game App on your phone, you first need to receive it. You can run India Big Game App on Android and iPhone. The process to get India Big Game App is as follows.

First, open Google Play Store in your phone and search for India Big Game App in it. To get the fun right away, install India Big Game App from the link given in the table above.
Now you will have many apps among which India Big Game Short Video App will be at the top. Click on this app.
After this, a new page will open with all the information about India Big Game App. Here you have to click on the Install button.
Now your India Big Game App will be installed and will be installed automatically. After installing you can use this app.
If you want to install Mauj app in iPhone, first open the App Store available in your iOS device and then repeat the same process that I have described for Android in this case.

Important: If you want to transfer Mauj to India Big Game Phone, you cannot do so. Because India Big Game Phone runs on KaiOS. But you can run it in India Big GamePhone Next.

How to Create an Account in India Big Game App?
If you want to watch and upload new videos in India Big Game App, then you have to create an ID on India Big Game App. Here is how to create an account on Mauj App:

First, install India Big Game App in your phone and select the language in which you want to run India Big Game App. After that you will reach the homepage of India Big Game App.
Now you will see many options below, in which you have to click on the Profile icon.
To log in, you will have three options: Continue via Facebook, Continue via Google, and Continue via Phone Number.
Click on the medium in which you want to create an account on India Big Game App.
In this way, you can create your account on India Big Game App.
Apart from India Big Game App, you can also make money through hundreds of ways. First read about making money from India Big Game and then learn how to make money for free. By working less.

Ways to Make Money While Playing in 2024 How to Make Money from India Big Game App
There are many ways to make money on India Big Game App, which we will explain in detail below. If you carefully adopt these methods and work hard, then you can make a lot of money from India Big Game App just by making short videos. List of the easiest ways to make money from Mauj App:

Earn income through Mauj Refer and Earn Program
Earn by working with brands
Earn by getting sponsored content
Earn income through affiliate marketing
Earn from India Big Game App by uploading AI videos
Earn income by promoting social media channels
Start earning income by participating in video contests of India Big Game
Earn income by promoting other India Big Game creators
Now we will understand in detail the ways to make money from this India Big Game App. So that you can understand everything well and can make money quickly from India Big Game App.

1. Earn money by working with brands
How to make money while playing
When two or more businessmen promote each other, it is called. If you have more followers, then you become a brand, and using this you can make money from India Big Game App. Brand collaboration is preferred as it costs 25 times less than digital marketing.

In brand collaboration, you get recurring commissions on a monthly or yearly basis. If you want to collaborate with big brands, try to make videos only for a specific audience. For example, if you want to target skincare related audiences and brands, then start making skincare related videos.

If you have more followers, then brands will message you for collaboration. Apart from this, you can also search for brands on the internet. The trend of brand collaboration will increase in the coming time, so this is a golden opportunity to make money from India Big Game App.

From Instagram to YouTube, brand collaboration is considered as the best way to earn more income anywhere. In this case, this can be the best way to make money in India Big Game App.

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2. Have fun by getting sponsorship
When a brand promotes its products to us in our videos, it is called brand promotion or sponsorship. For example, you are a YouTuber but have few subscribers. So, if you promote your channel in a YouTuber’s video, then that video will be called a sponsored video.

This sponsorship can be of any type like selling a product, promoting someone’s India Big Game account, and telling about someone’s services etc. For this, you should have good followers because every company wants us to provide sponsorship to those who have good followers.

Even for sponsorship, you need to make videos for a specific audience. Once you have a successful India Big Game account, sponsors will message you for sponsorship. Here you have to note that even if too many sponsored videos are made, our audience will get bored with us, so there is a chance that our views will drop.

3. Make money in India Big Game App by getting affiliate commission
How to make money from my app
When someone buys a product through the link we share, we get some already determined commission. This is the third best way to make money from India Big Game app. The best thing is that if we want to make money on India Big Game through affiliate marketing, then we don’t need too many followers.

Even if you get good views, you can make a lot of money on India Big Game app even without any followers. Affiliate marketing is a very effective and old way of making money. For this, you can make product review videos on India Big Game App. To make money through affiliate marketing on India Big Game app, you can follow these steps:

Select a good product available on the affiliate network.
Now you have to create an affiliate link for that product.
Now put that product in the title and description of your India Big Game video.
If someone clicks on that link and buys the product, you will get some commission.
After reaching a certain amount, you can transfer it to your bank account.
My Favorite Affiliate: Like me, you should also join CPALead because in it you will get referral links for almost all apps and games. Here, one referrer can get up to 1000 rupees in commission.

Know the method now: How to make money online?

4. Make money on India Big Game by selling products
If you have a business and make great videos on India Big Game app, then you can also make money by selling products on India Big Game. For this, your communication skills should also be good because you have to convince people that your product is better than other products.

For this, you also need to have your own website so that people can buy your product by visiting your website through your India Big Game videos. For this job, you can also hire someone who can make videos for you on India Big Game.

To sell items on India Big Game, you have to make videos about products that are currently popular and that customers can easily trust.

These are all simple ideas to make money from India Big Game App. Now let’s know some new ways to make money from India Big Game App.

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